Located at 3207 Leavenworth St., Bud Olson’s is an Omaha classic.

There’s no other bar in Omaha quite like Bud Olson’s.  Few (if any) pour them as cheap or as strong.  There’s always great music coming from the jukebox and a game on the TV.  You can even take in a mural of Georges Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte while playing a game of pool.  What truly sets it apart, though, are the people.  Loyal regulars from all over town, folks from the neighborhood, along with Tom and his crew, give Bud’s a character all it’s own.  Grab a drink there over lunch sometime and you’ll understand.

Bud’s also opens at 6am on weekdays, so whether you’re getting off the first, second, or third shift, Bud’s will be open and ready to get you that well deserved drink at the end of a long day (or night).

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